Twitter Spaces AMA

2 min readNov 29, 2021


We just want to thank the community again for making the AMA such a wonderful event! We had an amazing time answering questions from the community and just generally hanging out.

Main Topics

Racing: Racing has been developed in such a way that players are automatically racing without having to pay gas. This allows those who want to save money on gas fees to still be involved in the gameplay. For those who have more to spend, we will have “boosts” that can be purchased actively, which will require $LEAF and ETH for gas costs. Race winners will be rewarded with a new collection which are “land” NFTs.

Phase 3: Land is a utility used to start creating a “base” for the snail. Land allows breeding of snails for an undisclosed reward. Land can also be acquired and added to previous land. As you earn more land, you are increasing your potential abilities for Phase 3. Snails are not essential for Phase 3, as we want as many people to be involved as possible so there isn’t a barrier to entry, but having a snail will be beneficial.

Collaborations: We are currently in discussions with other projects and want to make sure that we are adding value to their project and they are adding value to ours. Potential idea is for mating or incorporating other projects’ currencies into our gameplay e.g. with Bears Deluxe, looking to see if you can use $HONEY to mint bees or wasps for your land.

Community Suggestions

ShannonWoodward: Joined the AMA and talked about enjoying the gameplay so far, having one snail (26 $LEAF generation). She is looking forward to Phase 3!

CoraDelSilva: Brought up how Cosmic Wyverns have a “Tinder” system: where you pay a surrogate fee to mate with higher leveled Wyverns. Potentially incorporate something like this into EvoSnails.

Yostari: Brought up ideas around breeding, such as laying eggs or breeding with another snail, but you always need a different snail to fertilize the egg. Another idea for consideration.


We really valued all these ideas and are always open to hear more! There is plenty of time to get feedback from the community moving forwards to Phase 3. Slow and steady wins the race!




EvoSnails are a fully on-chain open source NFT project that allows users to stake their snails and upgrade snail traits.