Phase 2 Overview — Racing + Gardens

5 min readDec 3, 2021


There are a few main things to be aware of in Phase 2, as there are multiple ways to race and obtain gardens.

This article covers: Racing, Gardens and Gas Costs associated with Phase 2

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As you read through this information, be aware that this phase was designed to achieve two main things:

  1. Reduce the gas cost required, while the dev team begins to move future phases to layer 2.
  2. Reduce complexity to allow newer NFT collectors to experience and introduce themselves to the world of on-chain gaming.


Racing is an all-inclusive event where every snail participates. This includes snails that are staked and un-staked, irrespective of where your snail is — it will run in races.

In each 24 hour period, there will be 1 race conducted — during each race, there will be x amount of gardens available to be won based on the performance of each snail. The number of gardens awarded to each race will differ from day to day.

The performance of a snail will depend on three factors, first being the amount of $LEAF generated per day, second, the amount of boost purchased for the snail and lastly the condition of the snail, which changes each race.


Ceterus Paribus (all things being equal), a snail with a higher rate of leaf generation has a slight speed advantage over a snail with lower leaf generation. This would mean that we expect that a snail with full tier-4 traits will perform better than a snail with tier-1 traits, assuming that they are both in the same condition.


In the 24 hours leading up to each race, snail holders have the chance to purchase boost for their snail — which will increase the speed and the chance of winning a race. The amount of boost that can be spent on a snail will be up to the holder, whether they choose to purchase 1 $LEAF or 1000 $LEAF worth of boost. Each $LEAF worth of boost purchased will provide a small benefit against another snail with less boost purchased.


Each race, snails will have a condition associated with it which will also influence the overall speed of the snail. This speed will be randomised to allow for all snails to have a chance of winning — this means that even lower tier snails have a chance to win!

TLDR: Speed of snails are influenced by three factors, the $LEAF generation of the snail, amount of boost purchased and condition of the snail. $LEAF generation and condition of the snail are internal traits that cannot be influenced by the holder, holders can choose to purchase as much boost as they like for each snail that they own, as long as they have enough $LEAF to purchase boost.


Gardens are the main prize of Phase 2, allowing for community members to continue their on-chain experience into phase 3. Gardens will be the base for Phase 3 where players will be able to breed, build, protect and plunder gardens to increase their wealth and build their snail empire.

While 1 garden allows for players to participate in Phase 3, there are various benefits in holding multiple gardens. We will begin to acknowledge these advantages as the project progresses.

There are a number of ways that gardens can be obtained in Phase 2, the first is via racing which we mentioned earlier in this article.

In addition to this, we have allowed for two other methods to obtain gardens.

Gardens will also be purchasable directly using $LEAF, allowing for $LEAF to be spent in order to purchase a garden. Across racing and $LEAF purchases, there will be 5,000 gardens that are available to mint.

This allows snail holders to decide if they would like to try their luck in races to earn gardens or purchase a guaranteed garden scape by accumulating $LEAF that their snail generates (depending on the LEAF generation of their snail).

Lastly, we will be releasing additional gardens which can be publicly minted by the community. The public mint will allow entry for new members of the community and allow for greater adoption moving into phase 3, providing a larger player base to promote more competition within the community. There will be 2,000 garden scapes available for public mint (which will begin at the end of the first race), each priced at 0.1 ETH, with a maximum of 5 per transaction.

TLDR: There are 3 ways in which you can earn gardens, which is the building block for phase 3. 5,000 will be made available via racing and direct $LEAF purchases (Only accessible to Snail Holders), 2,000 will be purchasable via a public mint for 0.1 ETH (changed from 5000 at 0.05 ETH).


In Phase 2, there are two transactions that can be performed in the context of racing which will cost gas:

  1. Purchasing boost
  2. Claiming a reward
  3. Purchasing Boost

Each time boost is purchased, the snail holder is expected to submit a transaction to burn the $LEAF used to purchase and assign the boost to the snail.

2. Claiming a reward

If your snail is successful in winning a garden in one of the races, the wallet holding this snail will be eligible to claim a mint. The holder of the snail can choose when to claim this mint, so don’t feel pressured to do so when gas is high. This claim will cost the same amount of gas as the gas cost for a new mint.

TLDR: These are the two major transactions that will be required for racing, in each case, there is no absolute necessity to purchase/claim should you choose to wait until lower gas times.

We are super excited to get started for Phase 2 and even more keen to show you what we have in store for Phase 3.

Good luck in the races, and hope you manage to score a nice garden!

-EvoSnails Team




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