Phase 2: How To Play Racing

5 min readDec 3, 2021


There have been a number of questions regarding racing and how it works - this article is written with the sole purpose of explaining and clarifying exactly how racing will run in Phase 2.

Preparing For Racing

Phase 2 starts on the 4th of December at 12:01am UTC, with an initial 24 hour window before the first race begins. For ease of understanding and play, there will be one race everyday in which all snails will participate — there is no need to submit your snail anywhere or enter into a race.

Races will run everyday at 12:01am UTC, and these will continue once all 5,000 rewards have been claimed either via race winners or through snail holders using their $LEAF to purchase a guaranteed GardenScape.

Between races, there will be a 24 hour window in which you can prepare your snail to race. This period will allow for all timezones to be able to purchase boosts for their snail and spend $LEAF to increase the speed of their snail. You can purchase boosts for multiple snails in one transaction so that there are reduced gas fees!

While we will not detail the exact math behind the speed impact that each $LEAF spent will have, there is a marginal increase as you spend more $LEAF. This means that purchasing 5 $LEAF will make the same snail faster than 4 $LEAF on average — but there’s still an element of luck involved!

A quick summary of boosts:


If you spend between 1–20 $LEAF, a fan will be attached to your snail, providing a small visual increase in speed.


If you spend between 21–50 $LEAF, an exhaust will be attached to your snail, providing a larger visual increase in speed.


If you spend between 51–100 $LEAF, Fireworks will be attached to your snail, providing a larger visual increase in speed.

Moonshot Rocket

If you spend 101 $LEAF or more, the Moonshot Rocket will be attached to your snail, providing the largest visual increase in speed during races.

Purchasing boost can be done via the GUI and Contract - using the GUI is pretty straight forward. In order to use the contract, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Connect to Web3”
  3. Click [8] — wagerForSnails
  4. Fill in ids for the snails you wish to boost e.g [8,11,274]
  5. Fill in the wagerAmounts for how much you wish to boost each snail, however you need to convert the values from Ether to Wei e.g if you wanted to boost the snails with 21, 51 and 1000 $LEAF respectively, you would type in [21000000000000000000,51000000000000000000,1000000000000000000000] (use for this)
  6. Fill in the race id e.g for race number 2, type 2.
  7. Click write and process the transaction.

The Race

As mentioned earlier, all snails participate in races. There are 3 factors that influence the speed of a snail, the $LEAF generation rate, amount of boost purchased and the condition of the snail.

We have already spoken about the influence of boost on a race, but looking at the other two factors — they can be easily summarized below:


The concept is simple: More $LEAF generation = Faster


This is a randomized factor that cannot be viewed by snail holders. It is in this factor that allows slower snails to outperform higher tier snails and have chances to win the ultimate prize of GardenScapes.

The condition of each snail is determined by the contract, it is not a value that the dev team assigns to each snail — so there will no tampering of speeds to ensure that one snail outperforms the rest.

Once a race has been run, you will be able to watch a replay of this race on the GUI. If you’re playing via the contract — you see nothing. If you have invested considerable $LEAF and have a snail in a good condition, you will have a good chance to win a race and earn a free GardenScape mint (minus gas).

Note: Each day there will be a different number of rewards provided, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win one day — there are still more to be won during future races!


If you are fortunate enough to earn a top spot in one of the races, CONGRATS! You are now eligible to claim a free GardenScape mint! This can be done super easily through the GUI, and you can wait until your snail has multiple wins before claiming them. Claiming is easy as pressing the claim button, and selecting the snail/s that you want to claim the reward of.

Please Note: There is a gas cost associated with the mint, try and choose low gas times when you are claiming.

We recommend claiming rewards through the GUI as it makes it easy to see which snails have unclaimed prizes, so you avoid spending gas to try and claim a prize when it is not available. For those who still wish to use the contract to claim, the steps are as detailed below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Connect to Web3”
  3. Click [1] — claimForSnails
  4. Fill in ids for the snails you wish to claim rewards for e.g [8,11,274]
  5. Click write and process the transaction.

Hopefully this provides a little more clarity on Phase 2! We really look forward to some friendly competition and can’t wait to see snails defy the odds and claim our new GardenScapes.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and as always — stay slow and steady.

-EvoSnails Team




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