EvoSnails Phase 3 — Gameplay Mechanics

5 min readSep 28, 2022



This whitepaper aims to explain the gameplay mechanics for Phase 3 and to prepare the community to start getting involved with the game.

Now that Ethereum gas prices are significantly reduced, keeping the game on Ethereum Mainnet is now a better option and makes it easier for the community to get involved with the game without having to move between Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks.

There are three main parts to playing EvoSnails GardenScapes:

  • Buying Units/Placing Units on Land
  • Raiding
  • Breeding


In this segment, players will develop and cultivate their land in order to protect their garden as well as giving themselves the best chance at successfully plundering gardens of other players.

Units can have 5 stats:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Water
  • Generation
  • Multiplier

Attacking and Defensive stats are Air, Land and Water (1 Air stat = 1 Air Attack and 1 Air Defence). Generation is how much LEAF that unit generates a day. The Multiplier is a multiplication on both the Attacking/Defensive stats as well as $LEAF generation. The multipliers also stack (e.g. if your units have multipliers of 1, 3 and 4 respectively then all stats will be multiplied by 12).

There are 3 main types of units:

  • Attacking/Defensive Units — which have Air/Land/Water stats but no generation and multiplier of 1.
  • Generation Units — which have Generation and Multipliers, but have no Attacking/Defensive stats
  • Snails/Slugs — which have all stats, and a larger multiplier than normal units

Different units have different tiers, with some ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Tier 4 units have the best stats but cost more $LEAF to purchase.


Attacking/Defending Units Stats


Generation Units Stats


Snail/Slug Stats


Units can be purchased with $LEAF through the GardenScapes Marketplace or on the secondary market. Up to 4 units can be placed on each piece of land. We felt that in order to keep the complexity of the game under control, it would be better if land cannot be combined together. However, each land can have both attacking and defensive stats as well as producing LEAF. Moreover, you can play the game with multiple lands.

Firstly, you can collect any $LEAF generated using the ‘Collect $LEAF’ button. To purchase a unit from the GardenScapes Marketplace, press the ‘Shop’ button and the marketplace will show up. Different units will cost different amounts of $LEAF. You can select the Tier of the unit you wish to purchase on the left hand side. Add the units you wish to purchase to your cart and press Confirm Purchase.

GardenScapes Marketplace
Units added to Cart

Next is managing your units and placing them onto your GardenScape land. First, choose the land you wish to manage with the ‘Choose Land’ button.

Choosing which land to manage

Next, press the ‘Select Units’ button to manage which units are placed on that particular land. You can select units from the left hand side called ‘Inactive units’ (which is your inventory) and then add them to your land by pressing the middle arrow button.

Choosing which units are added to a specific land

Likewise, you can move units off your land by selecting them on the right and then pressing the middle arrow button. Once you are happy with the units placed on the land, press ‘Confirm Moves’ to lock in the changes.

Units can also be moved off the lands

ATTACK — Raiding

When land is used to raid — the attacker can choose to go and raid an AI or random player. The rewards vary based on who they choose to raid. AI have a generic amount of defensive stats dependent on what level they are at. Attacking a player will choose a random player and their defensive stats. The stats are compared from the same category (e.g. Air v Air, Land v Land and Water v Water)

In order to have a successful raid, you have to ‘beat’ your defender by winning in 2 or more categories (Air, Land, Water). When the raid is initiated, your attacking stats will be altered slightly depending on the ‘conditions of battle’.

To initiate a raid, press the ‘Raiding’ button. Attacking costs $LEAF and you can attack different levels of AI for different amounts of $LEAF in order to get larger $LEAF rewards. You can also choose to raid another player and this will cost a % of your total $LEAF.

Raiding menu — you can raid an AI or random player

If you do not successfully raid, the only thing lost is the $LEAF you paid to raid. The only negative consequences on the ‘defender’ if they are unsuccessful in defending is that the breeding timer will be reset if that land is currently breeding a slug. We didn’t want people to have the experience of checking on their lands only to discover that they lost units or $LEAF and so we decided that resetting the breeding timer would be enough of a consequence for not defending well enough.


If you have 2 or more snails, you can initiate breeding on your land. Breeding takes up 2 land spots, one for each snail and takes 2 weeks for a slug to be produced. Slugs are usable units within the EvoSnails phase 3 and can also be placed on land. If you have two snails that are breeding — they will be interrupted and the timer will be reset to 0 if another member has successfully raided your land.


Some bits of the UI are going to be tidied up before the final release but we hope this whitepaper gives an insight into how the GardenScapes game will work and allows the community to prepare for playing the game. We hope you enjoy making use of your Snails and GardenScapes in EvoSnails Phase 3.




EvoSnails are a fully on-chain open source NFT project that allows users to stake their snails and upgrade snail traits.