EvoSnails Phase 3

5 min readJan 10, 2022


This whitepaper serves to provide insight into the mechanics of Phase 3, with the knowledge that the game will take place on Layer 2 (Polygon/Matic). With the increased complexity from Phase 1 and 2, moving to a Layer 2 network will allow for exciting gameplay to take place without the need for excessive gas fees — as well as allowing Eth-native NFTs to remain on Layer 1. More information regarding how Layer 1 and 2 interactions work in the EvoSnails ecosystem will be revealed in future posts.

In Phase 3, holders will be able to develop their own GardenScapes to begin growing their empire within the EvoSnails ecosystem.

Phase 3 can be split into two main categories listed below:

  • Build, Breed and Expand
  • Protect and Attack


In this segment, players will develop and cultivate their land in order to protect their garden as well as giving themselves the best chance at successfully plundering others’ gardens.

First and foremost, GardenScapes are fertile breeding grounds where holders of 2 or more snails can begin incubating to create a baby snail, which is redeemable as a new collection. In order for a baby to be produced, the egg must be incubated for 8 days on the same GardenScape to be redeemable.

Secondly, GardenScapes are self sustaining and also produce $LEAF — the governing currency of the EvoSnails universe and the only way to purchase in-game upgrades.


Each GardenScape features different terrain and natural elements, but also holds the ability to house 4 unique units selected by the holder. These 4 units come from one of three categories:

  • Production
  • Offensive
  • Defensive

🔨 Production

Units become progressively more costly as they are upgraded, and can only be purchased with $LEAF. In order to reduce the waiting periods between purchasing the next tiered unit, holders can purchase production units that boost the $LEAF production of GardenScapes.

⚔️ Offensive

If a GardenScape holder is focussed on plundering, then offensive units will be their best friend. Offensive units have a primary focus on providing attacking statistics to the GardenScape across three stats:

  • Land: How effective the unit is at attacking on land
  • Air : How effective the unit is attacking in the air
  • Water/Underground: How effective the unit is at attacking underwater/underground

The majority of units will focus on one of these attacking types, however more advanced units and special units will have strong numbers attributed to more than one category.

🛡 Defensive

Just as there are units to ensure the success of a plunder, there are units that are available to allow GardenScape holders to protect their assets, land and $LEAF production. Similar to the attacking statistics, defensive units have stats attributed to the same three categories (land, air, water/underground) to allow for matchmaking and head-to-head scenarios to play out.


Once the holder has accumulated enough $LEAF, they will be able to purchase units from the general store that will be available on the front-end or via the contract. The unit will be instantly redeemable and can be used after minted.


GardenScape holders should note that units are interchangeable in GardenScapes, however have a cooldown of 12 hours once placed. This reduces the chances of hot-swapping attacking and defensive units to allow for easy plunders and solid defences, requiring holders to expose themselves to risk should they decide to invest heavily into offensive/defensive units.


GardenScapes can be combined to create a larger garden for your snails to breed and to house more units, this means more $LEAF production, stronger attacks and bolstered defences. With each GardenScape that is added, holders will be able to place 4 more units, up to a total of 5 GardenScapes. (You can have as many of these ‘large’ GardenScapes as you would like.)

Currently there are 7,000 Gen-0 GardenScapes available in total.


While there are units that can be bought for $LEAF, there are two units in particular that will remain the prize possession of each garden. These are the Snails and their offspring, which provide stat boosts across every aspect of GardenScapes if held in the same wallet as GardenScapes and are also playable units that take up 1 of the 4 slots.

Every snail will provide a benefit, so don’t count out a snail simply due to its tier…


The type of player you are in the ecosystem is entirely up to you, there will be rewards available for all types of players — whether they choose to be attacking powerhouses, ironclad defences or $LEAF whales.

When it comes to attacking, GardenScape holders will be able to pay some $LEAF (a % of their $LEAF generation) in order to embark to plunder another GardenScape. The GardenScape to be plundered cannot be chosen by the holder and will be randomly chosen by the contract.

Once the attack begins, there will be a number of factors that come into play to determine the outcome of the plunder. As we move closer to launch date, more details regarding the math and probabilities will be revealed. For now, the general rule for successfully plundering a foreign GardenScape will occur if you have at least 2 of the 3 attack/defence statistics that are greater than your opponent.

While there are other influences on the outcome of the battle, this is the general rule of thumb.


If an attack is successful, the attacker is able to successfully plunder the foreign GardenScape for:

  1. $LEAF
  2. Experience Points
  3. The chance to steal an incubator, if the defender is currently breeding snails on their GardenScape.


If your plunder is unsuccessful, this means that your units were defeated in combat and require rest and replenishments in order to plunder again. To purchase the necessary supplies to heal your units, it will cost 2x your $LEAF generation production at the time of plunder.


For each plunder, there is a 15 minute cool-down if you are successful — as long as you can plunder successfully there is no limit to the frequency to which you can steal the resources of fellow community members.


Congratulations! If you have successfully defended then you get to keep all your resources and manage to stay fortified! In addition to this, you can earn experience for defending successfully which will allow you to level up faster and gain access to better units!


If you are unfortunate enough to be plundered and fail to successfully defend, $LEAF can be stolen from you. This means that $LEAF can be deducted from your account in addition to the damage caused to your GardenScape. In order to repair the damages, 2 days or 2x the max $LEAF generation will be required to ensure your garden is sculpted back to its original condition.

While your garden is damaged, you cannot be plundered during this time. (Take note breeders…)


With this whitepaper, we hope we have been able to provide an insight into what the game is about in Phase 3! We look forward to seeing you out there snailing away and thank you for your continued support. Slow and steady wins the race!




EvoSnails are a fully on-chain open source NFT project that allows users to stake their snails and upgrade snail traits.